Anyone okay with powerleveling to lvl 14?

My dad and I just started playing together, and I chose Lilith due to her power in Borderlands 2. Unfortunately I found an explosive shotgun, and am now deeply regretting not using Brick. Would anyone be willing to let me play with them just until i’m level 14? It would be a HUGE help, and i’d really, really appreciate it. My psn is gkplaga, feel free to hit me up. Thanks to anyone who takes me up on this, sorry to be a pain.

I suppose you could jump into my game, and then just sit back, and watch me annihilate everything on my Roland whom is still in the begging of play through 2 (meaning everything will be level 32ish). I can equip my leader mod as well, and make getting you leveled that much faster as well. My PSN is BackOffoRDie.

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Dude, thank you so much for the offer. Before I switch to Brick though, what do you think of Lilith? Her phasewalk, even with that whole Shock-while-phasewalking perk at level 3, is absurdly weak. People talk about being in Phasewalk constantly, but that requires two kills at least afterward. How do you use her? Got any tips?

I absolutely love Lilly. She was the first character I got to level 69 (twice actually). Phasewalk is good for getting out of sticky situations, and getting around large maps quick (since you move faster while phasewalking), and the shock isn’t really effective against flesh, or armored enemies since they’re not weak to it. It works wonders on drifters though. When it comes to that constantly phasewalking thing, that’s only one way to play her (if I’m being honest, I don’t even have the skill that extends the duration of phasewalk maxed out). I play her as more of a kind of tanky (you know, since shields actually protect you in BL Classic), elemental DoT user with my main weapon being a hellfire. As for tips, as much as I hate saying it, you’re probably better off asking in Lilly’s forum section, or looking up videos on YT. I’m terrible at giving tips :joy:.

Thanks man, it’s nice to know that Phasewalking has a use. I’ve been using thia level 10 incidenary SMG with her (level 18 now) and she kills things so fast. It’s awesome. Perks in BL1 feel lackluster compared to BL2 though.

Finished BL1 and started BL2 again with my dad, this time playing as Krieg. The second game is so much more fun, thanks in part to a lack of obsessive gear hunting this time around.

Yeah with Bl2 you don’t really need to worry about any specific gear until you get to UVHM.