Anyone older than 16? (Looking for co-op on Xbox One)

I really want to enjoy the multiplayer aspect of this game, but it seems near impossible. I can’t be the only adult playing this game…and I cannot try and get through another session of some kid just trying to duel me all the time and ninja all of the stuff. This game is supposed to be co-op, or so I thought…maybe I am just having a case of bad luck?


I am on Xbox one.
I live in Mountain time.
And I only speak English, can’t understand anything else lol.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Sure! I’ll move this to the online play section for you and edit the title to reflect the fact that you’re on XB1.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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I’m not on XB1 yet, but will be after Christmas. I’m not on all the time, but I don’t mind jumping in. Incidentally, do you know if there’s any way to transfer saves to the XB1 like there is with BL2/TPS, or is it a case of having to start over?

im an adult m8y, im in my 30s n consider myself a veteran b’lands player, I played n still play all the b’lands games n im not a loot ninja, any drops can be duped to eachother anyway, just most people n kids don’t even realise you can do these things so they see the shiny thing, pick it up n giggle feeling self satisfied n like they beat the world… I digress, i recently started a fresh playthru of b’lands n have playthru2 ready to go, ideally id like to hit max level before I load up my playthru 2 so I can keep any nice drops I get rather than constantly delete or sell items cos iv levelled past them… hit me anytime,n if im on il play, im on xbox1 playing back compat version of b’lands1, I believe its possible to play with 360 players on any games that have back compat now also, as you didn’t state which platform your on this should cover either eventuality

im English speaking, tho I will massacre the English language at times, I am an adult, I play Borderlands 1, 2 n tps more than any other game in my library, I play regularly(daily, usually) im always down to help new and old players both in levelling or finding specific items, bosses or discussing n testing builds n strats etc… im always down to play with like minded mature people who like to just play a game stress free, shoot the ■■■■ n have a laugh or even have a meaningful constructive discussion from time to time, lastly time zones really don’t matter to me as I keep irregular hours due to life/work etc… if im online im down to play some shooty bang bangs with peeps :wink: haaa n I just noticed the title of the thread so my bad , you did state which platform you are on, ooops, aaaw well im am getting old so that’s my excuse n im sticking with it :wink: hehehee. Tokesey