Anyone on PS4 want to do a long session of loot boost lobbies?

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time but didn’t know of anyone that would want to do it. I’m on the hunt for some gear that can only be dropped from loot packs and I’m also looking for faction specific gear. Anyone who wished to join will have to have a booster of their own, of course. Now I’m not sure what game modes would be the best for this, so advice would be appreciated.


I can’t help with my participation, but if the queue has been unchanged, then Bots battles is the best way to get it if you simply keep voting for Capture since it’s easy to win the games 1000-0 in just a few minutes.


Just remember to have 3 pendles to stand on the points.


My friend and I have been talking about trying to get a 5 man loot booster to do this too.
Edit: let me know when you’re planning on doing this and I can let you know if we’ll have time.

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I can join for an extended period if you do it on a weekend day. Let me know.


Any time I’m free. Usually after 5:30pm EST or any time afternoon when I’m off work

I don’t want everyone to be bored is my only issue with that


yeahp, bots battle is best for the loot farming boosters. capture being the fastest and thus the best. i wouldnt mind joining you one day of the weekend. id drop some cash for a booster and can work on lore while we do it.

If we can get five together for the legendary packs I’d be willing to do it for a few hours. I’m usually on after work around 6:30 p.m. cst. Grinding is nothing new to me, I wouldn’t have a problem Pendles sitting on a capture point.

Just don’t expect much chatter, I’ll probably be watching a movie on my Kindle while we’re grinding.

@Beatrix is on my friends list, just let me know if you want to do this.


I’m never in the mood to chat. I just want this to be done. So don’t worry about that

@HobbitWarrior @ZercR I got a message from another PSN player wanting to join us. So that is 5 people, if you both are in. I will start a group chat later tonight and we can discuss a day/time that’d be good for us to all farm for a few hours.

Awesome. Keep me updated

Sounds good

We have one spot left. Scheduled Saturday at 3pm EST

No open spots left. Will update if changes occur