Anyone platinum this game yet?

Anyone? I have gotten a lot of Battleborns’ lore done but I am avoiding Toby for now, I don’t want to stress with the double kill with ult and havent leveled him up enough yet for the mech suicide kills. Still need to run through story quite a bit on hardcore and a few advanced maps.
I can’t think of one battleborn that I don’t see myself enjoy playing as.

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I don’t think I’ll ever platinum Battleborn, I think there are some characters I just can’t see myself ever playing, or being any good at for that matter in order to achieve a completitionist trophy status… Yet alone some of the other trophy requirements (Mission difficulties).

But I do know of one person on PS4 that got their platinum status yesterday (I won’t disclose their PSN for their own privacy), but I thought it was very impressive!

32 platinum so far


I’m on Xbox and all I have left to do is the Hardcore missions and wait for them to change some of the PvP lore challenges and I’ll be all done otherwise!

Also part of the 0.1 percent! Toughest ones to do by far were all the pvp lore challenges.

Just need a few PVP lore challenges and I’m there. toby’s will be the most difficult as I mostly play pugs online and so forth everyone who has done his lore of getting the double kills has gotten extremely lucky or had a full team assisting them

Lol, I’m CR 100 and still have only mastered one character…

I’ve only got 4 or 5 characters left to grind for lore, after that I’ll have my platinum.