Anyone play on xbox one anymore?

Idk if its just crappy servers or what but I havent seen a soul in the match browser in over a month. Im pretty bored and looking to play with people. Msg me on live if youre up for playing GT: milicia force. Btw, I can help kill just about anything… characters are pretty OP.

Oh… and must have a mic

There are no servers for BL: TPS or Borderlands 2. Individual players act as hosts and other players optionally join them. There is currently a known issue with public matchmaking not working for BL2 in The Handsome Collection. No ETA on when it will be fixed.

See the following: Xbox One no one online at all?

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GT: Poisd2Strike
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Let me know if you want to play. I’m on all the time. GT: JewBrugCabra

I am on almost all the time but play with my brother (split-screen) we are both level 50 would like help with levelling up and getting some high level stuff. GT DragonSlayer986

I play on the bone all the time. I have a level 72 Kreig, a level 58 Axton, a level 32 Salvador, a level 11 Gaige and a level 11 Zero. Would love help dealing with raid bosses.

Gamer tag Myschism

I do and I need help killing invincibles on true vault hunter mode

Add me, I play almost all the time.
Gt: JrBoyZer0

I added you. My gamer tag giftedwitswag. I’m usually on playing so just shoot me a message


Hey I’m playing on a lvl 42 at the moment getting a little bored anyone want to play?
Gamertag- XseanlawsonX

I still play add my gt frixity I do pretty much everything

I have a lvl 47 siren. Anyone who needs an extra add me: CAG Starkey


I am on uvhm and I just got sactuary in the air and am getting so pissed of so anybody wannna help me on xbox one Gt oPiinkie

I play every day more or less got a lvl 72 Siren and a lvl 72 Zero. Add me MartHardCandy

I search MartHardCandy and it doesnt find anyone. Send me a message and well play. Gt milicia force

Its Mart Hard Candy i forgot about the space’s lol

I’m on frequently. Running into same problem with matchmaking