Anyone playing with Slayer of Terra. to get 600 stacks?

How is it ? :blush:

Just curious…

I think you mean the Slayer of Terra. :stuck_out_tongue: I think @ 600 stacks, you start shooting backwards. @pokapoka might know, seeing as how Gaige is his waifu and all.

Yeah the com, sorry :blush: the hide is a shield I guess ? I’ll check the wiki later he he…

But yeah I was wanting to know what other people’s experience were at 600 stacks ha ha !

Yes it is. As for having 600 stacks, doesn’t she start shooting backwards? :open_mouth:

Dunnow lol : maybe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ! Would be hilarious if it was the case…

It’s absolutely bonkers and personally I’d only recommend it for the occasional kick, as Gaige doesn’t need to go that high to be potent. One of my many Mechromancers, Nia, does run around with that mod though and the insanity, the sheer insanity. Can’t say I noticed backwards shooting, but when your Anarchy is that high and accuracy has truly sucked it, you just shoot anywhere you please.

Lol time to dust off those Bandit Plasma-Casters :laughing: !

I edited the title btw :blush: !

There is a certain weapon that starts shooting backwards at 600. Some kind of shotgun, the flakker maybe? I don’t know. I feel I should happen to mention that the com can be swapped out at 600 stacks and you will still have the bonus stacks with a better com.

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Normally i think 400 stacks are more than enough and 600 are only for the raidbosses you can not miss or for example pyro pete`s bar to powerlevel some players from 1-72 on OP8 alone. Everything is one shot with a Sham shield and a electric Norfleet while having 600 stacks in the bar ^^

At the raidbosses you get 350% more damage with +200 stacks. So it can be helpful in a fight where you don´t get the chance for a second wind and need to kill the opponents real quick. The only thing you should think about is using a weapon which works well with the Close Enough skill. For example the Fibber… with this weapon you want to shoot at walls or at the ground…so the sub-zero accuracy and the massiv recoil don´t matter anymore.

Do the weapons fire backwards… i don´t really know but i think nobody can say anything about that… the Close Enough skill sometimes throws the bullets behind you after they hitting a wall but in a fight you normally look forward and don´t have time to look which way your bullets fly :smile:

The only thing I was wondering about is the fact you don´t lose stacks while your in FFYL with 600 stacks if you can keep them a while before you go down.

[quote=“BlackAxon, post:9, topic:225039”]There is a certain weapon that starts shooting backwards at 600. Some kind of shotgun, the flakker maybe?[/quote]I want to say the Heartbreaker myself, IIRC from a video I saw ages ago. Don’t quote me on that, though!

Promise. It would be interesting to test, though.

I think some of the alleged ‘shots behind’ observations may be a result of N:th degree kicking in.
As awesome as that skill is in the right circs, it needs to be used with caution. Downing your own DT isn’t on any Mechro’s wishlist, but against several opponents that’s exactly what can happen.

Ignoring the actual subject entirely, Athena can shoot behind herself with 11/5 Unrelenting, 999 Maelstrom stacks and a Vladof Sniper Rifle or Rocket launcher. If she aims strait up, the Recoil is enough to break Athena’s back and win every Vault Hunter Limbo competition for all eternity.

Back on topic, it’s very little change from 400 stacks, when mobbing. Everything dies instantly if you hit them, but you can’t hit them for Sh*t without a Norfleet. At Raids, i suppose the extra damage could be usefull, but the Slayer is just such a bad mod, that you should use a Legendary Anarchist instead.

A Fibber will do also a good job with 400 stacks or more. She´s doing more damage if the bullets hit a wall or the ground first. After the impact Close Enough triggers with full damage on each bullet!
So even with 600 stacks you can just shoot at the ground and hit the enemies really well.

What are you on about? The difference between 350-400 and 600 stacks is very telling.
The accuracy offset does need to be countered with CE at that many stacks, but more than 2-3 points has never struck me as necessary.
Nor, unless you are indeed using a Snorefleet, should you expect everything to die instantly at OP levels.

The SOT COM is indeed terrible for both mobbing and raiding, but the original topic was along the lines of “how downright crazy is it?”

Every weapon with low accuracy will shoot behind Gaige at 600 Anarchy, theoretically anyway.

Sort of, only different. What does a 700% or 1050% accuracy offset even mean? How would it translate to points of the compass? It’s a bit of skill tree descriptor nonsense.
Would a bullet leave the barrel and perform three somersaults before hitting an enemy at a random 270 degrees to one side? Playing Gaige for any length of time (I know I am preaching to many converted here) shows what it means in practice.
What puts some shots behind her is CE, acting like a partial aimbot script - as long as there’s some some sort of environment panel sufficiently nearby for shots to reflect off of.
Turning your back on an enemy and shooting away from them without CE will - as you’d expect - result in a miss, with bullets going in the aimed direction albeit with a very wide spread.
If N:th degree kicks in, an enemy in front of you can act as a panel and land a secondary hit on enemies behind you as well.

outside of the hiilarious dialogue,try shooting scat piles,you miss even at point blank range.funnier than far as killing im with the sham-fleet crowd.

I don´t think that you get -1050% accuracy with 600 stacks. Look at your aim cross while getting stacks. Raid up to 600 stacks and then reload. The first 100-200 stacks which are falling the aim cross won´t get smaller. But after that it get smaller faster with each stack you´re losing (try it out with discord skill).
I think each point will decrease the accuracy from the current accuracy multiplicative not additive.
0 stacks = 100.00 Accuracy
1 stack = 98.25 accuracy --> 1000.9825
2 stacks = 96.53 accuracy --> (100
3 stacks = 94,84 accuracy ((100
i hope everyone is good in math and know how i get the 0.9825
Also i hope everyone understand this and don´t want that i calculate it up to 600 stacks.

I can´t exactly say if this is true but even with 600 stacks my bullets hits something in front of me each time. You can test it if you shoot with some weapon with slow and big bullets (for example the florentine or a torgue weapon).
It´s the only logical way to think about it. -1050%? 100.00 accuracy - 1,050 accuracy… even if gaige´s screams often things like “accuracy below zero”. i can´t imagine this^^

By the way… i don´t think that this also works with the weapon damage but i can´t tell this. I have to test it first before say something about that.

The accuracy penalties stack additively, not multiplicatively, so you have -1050% accuracy at 600 Anarchy stacks. I would think the only way to make 600 stacks useful would be to use weapons like Conference Call and Dart pistols which have projectiles that are guided (accuracy doesn’t matter).