Anyone remember the paper models?

This guy made a ton and I’d love to make some with the updated graphics. Also I can’t believe I missed out on buying the Collector’s Edition, I didn’t know they were remastering this until I saw it on Steam.

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I remember this site. I was thinking about doing the Kushan Carrier the other day, and I think the site is still around in some form or another.

The site is still up and running.

I’m hoping theres a way to extract the updated graphics and make new models. With heavier paper I could and a 9volt/LEDs I could make them light up.

Or catch fire :slight_smile: … talk about Kharak is burning…

It would be great to see if you do manage to put one together.

Only textures.

I already made a desk lamp using the old Vagyr carrier paper model. LED’s don’t emit anywhere enough heat to ignite card-stock paper.

There’s a handful of people trying to create new hi-res paper models so it shouldn’t be too long. One guy already posted on here but he wants Gearbox to say its ok so we wont be getting any templates from him I don’t think.

I’ve tried to make one once, but I didn’t even finish it:

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