Anyone running a rough rider melee build?

just wondering if anyone was using a rough rider melee build on any vh… i have seen a few builds but there all different an i haven’t seen anyone using the RR.

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I used one for a bit, it was anointed for 100% extra melle damage but I ran it in my Face-Puncher build. It’s just not a great shield

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im using it on my amara ive not had any trouble with it so far ive not compleated the main story with her yet tho she is my 3rd vh…i kno i havent herd many ppl using it but i like it for my set up i have.

Did you test if that bonus actually applied? IIRC its only when the shield is broken or smtn and the RR is never full nor broken or some such. Not 100% sure on any of this just asking.

where its copacity is always 0 it should be considered broken if it aint it should be when u take hp dmg 4 sure. that would be a good test 4 some one to run.

rough rider is bugged and never considered broken, I heard if you get extra shield capacity from a class mod/artefact it might work.


Yeah i believe theres a thread on the forum somewhere describing this interaction exactly. So im guessing the bonuses are also bugged. And yea if you arent going for a pure hp build, is probably not a great shield. But flak for example has no shield skills at all, so RR could be good. Though i did still find it lacking even on a HP stacking build on M3

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With “Topped Off” Guardian Perk, I’d rather use a stop-gap or transformer on fl4k, makes a big difference for fade away uptime or how often u can spamm rakks

Hmmm that is an interesting point, do we know how much that influences it? Because i did notice my Rakks having only like 5sec cooldown but not having much in the way of lowering it, and it should be much longer, can this be the cause?
Probably not, but it would be nice to have some testing done on all of these just to see how much influence they actually have and what is just the game bugging out.

yea, it’s a pretty good perk
no idea how it’s calculated tho

I was running an artifact that had +1666, it till wasn’t a worthy trade off from an actual good shield

rough rider is bugged, but once they fix the rough rider it will be a top gear shield for melee amara.

it seems topped off cut cooldowns by half. i did some brief testing a week back on it with no skill points and no class mods / relic. i believe i had 10% cooldown reduction via guardian ranks.

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If you resepc as Amara some of your cooldown’s stay active, it’s possible to cast your acton skill every 2 seconds

i always log out and back in after resetting my skills to make sure everything is cleared from the character

Yeah thats the thing, so its a bug after respeccing? Because im noticing the same stuff with flak even tho they dont have much cooldown in the skilltree. So might be something else and not old cooldown skills stacking.