Anyone running a single action skill build?

Hey Zane players. I was wondering if any of you were running some single action skill builds. I’ve been trying out a few of my own making, but I CANNOT land on one that’s mayhem 3 viable (or mayhem 2 even). I’m getting annihilated out there. Anyone got some advice?

I’ve tried Digi Clone / Barrier and Sntnl / Barrier and held my own a little bit, but I would prefer the simplicity of ONE action skill and my Grenades.

People are doing a barrier, big boom blaster, and hex grenade build that is very powerful. You have infinite barrier pretty much and almost unlimited grenades and you don’t even have to shoot to wipe mobs

Can I find details on it somewhere? I’m intrigued. I would prefer a weapon oriented build over a Nade build, but I’ll try it out. I might like it.

Ive tried and its hard.

If you go hitman capstone, you want action skills to activate your kill skills.

If you go clone capstone, you will be eating grenades for Boom Enhance and a lot of the skills in that tree synergize with two action skills.

You can make an infinite grenade build with pocket full of grenades and DFC but you will have pitiful damage output.

And I never even would have thought a straight up barrier build. I’ve tried a Digi Clone only build, but some of the skills and augments dont even seem to work right. Like the augment that is supposed to direct the enemy’s attention after summon and switch towards your digi clone. I dont know. Maybe I need the right gear (class mods and etc).

Lost cause you think?..

Hell… Maybe I just need to face fact. Maybe I just suck with him. I wish I could even just farm for good class mods and gear for him but everywhere I need to farm for said items is such a damn struggle.

Is there any good boss farming builds for Zane? So I can get him outfitted for different builds.

You can run Clone/Grenade dopplebanger build and it shouldn’t be hard at all.

You don’t need big boom blaster to get infinite grenades if you do damage and aren’t using heavy ammo as well.

Big boom blaster build is good, but it gates you into a capstone (the way this current circulating build works) when you can already use grenades infinitely.

My channel demonstrates several times Zane’s strength with a variety of builds/skills/guns/grenades/playstyles. The shockerator video is filmed with Clone/Grenade equipped.

You should go watch Mopioids builds I suggested, his builds are very strong.

Thanks. I’ll try to find em.

This is my version.
Part I:

Part II:

More context:
High Noon Maggie grenade chucking cryo build

Nice. I just need better class mods and I think I can play around with his builds a lil more.

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