Anyone seen an anointed Robo-masher melter or All In Sheild?

Interested to know if these exist or not?

All in 1 I have for Zane

Robot Melter I’m guessing is the same as Amazing Grace and cannot be anointed.

All in one anointed?

Im curious to see an annointed all in. I’ve had three attempts on M4 and no joy.

Jorgeammo just sent me a picture of an anointed All In. They exist. Don’t know about the masher yet…

just forget it and use a maggie

I know, but I’m desperate to try anything slightly different atm…

I am also getting quite bored of Jacobs tbh - but playing M4 without it in my loadout seems crazy for FL4K…

And how boring is Brainstorming, Tediore chucking, distance Cutsman sandhawking, or Recursion/Facepuncher spaming. In the name of Beelzebub, this game needs some serious improvements.

I spend my time now farming in M4, testing finds and mostly being unimpressed with their output.

I’ve never been so both elated and annoyed with a game in all my life (maybe MW Ground War.)


I have both of these.

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Are you on ps4?

I am.

Check this post and see if you have anything I am looking for. If not I will send you both if you want. LF Various Gear. Details in Post. (H)Spreadsheet Loaded with Goodies

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I have that one already, If you do not have anything else from my post, just add me PSN Mekillyou1212 and I will send you the shields.

Still looking…

But will add…

Gotcha thank you.

Robomasher can’t be anointed. Apparently it can be determined from the game’s code (for guns at least)


that just how any game is , meta will form regardless how good dev is , what i truly want to see atm is QoL update , the control is so bad , the performance is so bad compare to bl2 . i know the system requirement going up by the time , but still i couldn’t enjoy the game

drop rate too , had to mention it every time