Anyone seen this anointment before?

Since the recent Farming Frenzy event started, I have seen a specific anointment appear quite often. Only thing is, I don’t remember seeing it before.
It’s a siren only anointment on weapons: On action skill end - 75% bonus radiation damage.
I googled it and found it mentioned on the wiki (which also states that it’s glitched and only adds 40%), but it’s new to me and I’ve been playing since the game came out.
Anyone know if it’s new or maybe just a RNG glitch on my game?

it is the one that showed 20%bonus rad before, now it is showing 75 but apparently still do 40… snafu


It’s the same anointment that previously said +20% radiation. So if you had a weapon before the last hotfix in your inventory that said “+20% radiation”, the same weapon will now say “+75% radiation”. It is glitched in the sense that it actually did +40% even though it said “+20%”, and now it still does +40% even though it says “+75%”.

If you’ve got a +75% radiation gun, playing offline (which means, no hotfixes applied) will cause that weapon to say “+20% radiation”.

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