Anyone seen this shield before?

Sup folks,

So I just had this shield drop from the Fabricator, while farming some annointed Ion Cannons.

Anyone seen this before, its new to me personally. Is this even a DLC only unique? I have no clue tbh.


Dam I’m not far in regards to the power creep but Im running a shield of 11k… The 4k biz yells suicide 0.0

Haven’t seen one before no. But its not out of place… What is one nade in a milliom

So I just checked the excell list for drops, and apparantly, Maximillion, a rare spawn in Voraciaous Canopy, should drop this shield. I haven’t been near that place, It can world drop though too it seems.

In my 3 months of non stop BL 3 slaughtering, this is the first time I see this Item. God I love this game.


Lol a single shield dropped by a single rare spawn is pree good, hide that item GB. Hide it good.

I’ve had quite a few of these drop from Graveward M4.

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Really? Well for me it was a first to get this drop (I have 400+ hours played on this account, mostly m3-m4).

I had this shield as random world drops quite a few times as well,it is like the hunted sniper as it is blue sometimes you miss it but it is common and defineitely not dlc unique


Pretty sure I’ve seen one in vanilla playtime myself, besides blue quest rewards the only new thing with blue rarity dlc wise was a grenade that turned loader bots to fight on your side for eight seconds. I gave it to my niece and she was turning badass loaders on mayhem 4 with it. Lol pretty cool but nothing I would use personally.

Ok cool thnx for the info guys! I mostly (like 90% of the time) check every blue/purple that drops. And this is the fist time I noticed this shield.

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That one is also obtained as a quest reward. Would be kind of funny if it can also World Drop.

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We only did like one side quest if I recall correctly and I was the only one to have one out of the three of us playing. Did most challenges on the way through though as well. It’s very possible they sold theirs without noticing, especially being they were playing split screen and didn’t have a set of binoculars. :joy:

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You do actually get it from a main quest, iirc. The one where you recover Ember’s Tools from the Femme Brûlee and meet Freddie.


That’s where it came from then, good to know and I rarely pay attention to the little icon that pops up for quest rewards as we were just hammering through due to little time to play together. On a side note it does turn the clap units in the one boss fight, we had a good laugh watching like three of them slapping at the boss and doing no damage! Lol

yeah, that’s a base game world drop. no quest to get it (revengenader), but it can pull in chests or bosses usually. I got it off of captain traunt (while farming for a tankman’s shield) and out of Lilith’s red chest before.

The Revengenader is indeed a drop from the main game. The first time it dropped I thought it was the returning Reogenator. The red text reminds me of something Mr. Torgue would say :grin:

How exactly does it even work? I never used it because I feared, given it is Borderlands I would probably down myself with the grenade. Does it drop a simple grenade or your grenade mod?

That’s a new one for me, but I am surprise it’s not a Torgue…because explosions.

Pretty sure this is from a quest, I’m surprised it’s a drop too though.
My Zane used to use it

surprisingly it’s one of the few unique items that isn’t able to be rewarded at as a quest reward, which for a blue item put’s it closer in rarity to a legendary.

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I got one as a drop back in October.