Anyone still need cutsman?

I have all types level 53.

Two with Siren and Gunner anoints.

Just looking for Corrosive Kyb’s worth.

If the cutsman market is dry now then I apologize for this thread.

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Hey, i don’t have any trades. But if your willing to send out an Amara annoint one my way I’d be very appreciative :slight_smile: GT - OgPumpkinSlayer

I would assume your looking for lvl 53 kyb’s correct?


Have plenty of lvl 53 cutsman. I really want a lvl 53 corrosive Kyb’s for Takedown

Maybe I can help you.

The Siren is lvl 53 Shock

While Phasegrasp is active weapon charge time decreased by 7% and Fire Rate increased by 12%

I dont have any 53 but was making sure. Thanks.

BTW… I do have corrosive Cutsman to offer.

That’s the one everybody wants right?

I have three I think at lvl 53. No Anoints but still great weapons.

Sure. If you find one let me know and we can work something out.

Pretty sure Wotan is the only source for the Kyb’s.

I have a large inventory of legendary anointed.

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