Anyone still play BL2 online?

(Jaderachel123456) #1

Ive recently got back into bl2 on ps3, while I enjoy playing the standard game, im wondering if anyone is still active online for ps3? And if so fancied exchanging gamer IDs to play online :slight_smile:

I need the avenger Plz
(Introvert98) #2

I do Ilive in the United Kingdom my Psn is muzzy785 and I am level 24, you can play with me

(Introvert98) #3

Do you you have a mic btw

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(I made you a salad ... out of worms!) #4

I’ve got a level 72 commando and level 50 gunzerker. Not sure what level you’re on currently. Playstation ID is kde676.

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(Jaderachel123456) #5

Im only at level 23 with maya currently. Lost two op8 characters due to
corrupted saves. Awesome I’ll add you today.

(Jaderachel123456) #6

I’m in the uk too, currently at level 23, I’ll add you once I get on the
console. I don’t have a mic at the moment.

(Just Your Average Dead Guy) #7

I’m always game to play some BL2. I think I have a gaige, and an Axton somewhere around your level. My online id is BackOffoRDie.

(Jaderachel123456) #8

Awesome, I’ll add you now :slight_smile:

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(I made you a salad ... out of worms!) #9

I was on earlier and tried to connect but my psn timed out. I’m level 72 with all kinds of legendaries so if you get stuck somewhere, let me know and I can come in and probably one shot kill them for you. You could join one of my UVHM games if you want, hang out at the starting point and get the XP. Hero’s Pass or Thousand Cuts to farm the Bunker. That should get you a few levels.

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(wardog199238) #10

Still do play it, have a level 50 zero and a friend that plays all the time with me with a level 45 maya add me wardog199238

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(williamjackson) #11

play all the time. add me on psn at ratchet_wc. have a lvl 35 maya and lvl 34 salvador. add me whenever.

(Mohdrushdin98) #12

2017…now I’m playing borderlands 2 Co op with my nephew…you can invite us or join us…we are TheCrazyGamers…my online id:Datu_Rosyamjr…my nephew id:GamingFalcon57…by the way we are from Malaysia…but good at English so…there’s no problem to us play together

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(llaviru92) #13

I’m “difyall” on PSN. Hit me up, have a mic and all dlc. I play everyday

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(ovorey413) #14

I live in the us currently and i have a level 61 maya and level 30 salvador. PlayStation id: bx_souls

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(Freelancer7861 ) #15


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(Sharon4life15) #16

Yo I’m UK. Only got a lol 40 gauge at minute I corrupted some saves. My gamer ID is KingOfKaching. I got all DLC too.

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(Ghostrider077) #17

Hey I’m up for any of y’all to play with me! Anyone with dlc as well would be appreciated! I’ll try adding a few of you guys and see if any replies are had

(Freelancer7861 ) #18

Got all doc freelancer7861

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(Freelancer7861 ) #19

Dlc .

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(Kielmccay94) #20

Meatwod209 add me I have all dlc except headhunter

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