Anyone still play BL2 online?

(Benvista) #21

Hey guys looking for friend on psn playing bl2 all my saves were corrupt starting again ! … LittolSnak3:psn

(Norma 007) #22

I have a lvl 72 Gunzerker
PSN: norma_007

(Rojasjpc) #23

Hey there! I’m from México and I still play Borderlands 2 on ps3 add me:

Got all dlc and all six voult hunters at op8

(Bosox154) #24

Anyone still here? Finally thought I’d get the platinum 6 years later lol. Just need to kill Terramorphus. Help would be great, I’m lvl 50 and my psn is bosox154

(Anawilliams84) #25

You still playing on ps3

(Juanlarios1992) #26

I still play. My PSN is KingGanondorfx3x

(David) #27

Starting over
looking for european time evening players
add or message

(PSN FAL_Buubles) #28

anyone still wanna play bl2 on ps3 with me. im lvl 72 with every dlc. if u do just hmu.

(PSN FAL_Buubles) #29

psn is FAL_Buubles

(Breakup2006) #30

You interested in PLing if so let me know thanks!

(Sweeneykent) #31

Im 21 play ps3 i have all dlcs, mercenary day, mad moxxis wedding day massacre, and both ultimate vault hunter upgrade packs
Psn: Rebelion759

(Buritisimionato) #32

Im starting a new char today. My id buritisimionato.

(Yoshijoc) #33

Hello everyone. I’m new here and I wanted to ask for help on what to do to get legendary gear… I see a lot of videos of players being OP already and having many versions of guns you can only get one (lady fist for example)… I’m lvl 63 on PS3 on my first run in UVHM and it is quite painful right now since I don’t have any legendary gear… just my bee shield, sham and Harold at level 50, which gets to be nothing if I wanna Farm. It takes me forever to kill pyro Pete so I wanna ask for help

(Is this thing on?) #34

Hey @yoshijoc - welcome to the forums! I’ve got you moved to a more active thread since the other one was rather old. Hopefully some of the other users in this thread are still active on PS3 and can help you out.

Meanwhile, you should know that most of those playing at OP levels reset their games so they can farm multiple copies of mission reward items. This is something you can do at any time in UVHM when you select your character: it puts you back at the beginning for all story missions, side quests, and DLC, while leaving your XP, skill points, BAR, and inventory intact.

If you want more general advice on getting through UVHM, there’s a thread for that along with much more stuff specific to each character in the relevant sub-sections.

Also, if I might trouble you to take a look through the forum FAQ and Community Guidleines - you’ll find useful information there to help you navigate through the forums.

(Yoshijoc) #35

Thank you so much for taking the time in guiding me through!!!

(Yoshijoc) #36

Hi there. I just read your post. I wanted to ask you if you know anyone who trades gear? I’m just lvl 63 right now so I doubt you wanna play together (also I got no legendary gear yet)

(PSN FAL_Buubles) #37

we can play if u want to

(PSN FAL_Buubles) #38

i can help u but i am lvl 72 no op levels and some newer charcters

(Yoshijoc) #39

That would be awesome! I don’t know what I could do to help you since I’m much lower than you but if there’s anything I can do I’ll try my best.
Also, kind of weird but, I don’t have a microphone. I jut play offline and tried online playing with my best friend who just started and I could see that a mic will be pretty helpful

(Yoshijoc) #40

I’m an offline player. But since I’m in the need of farming for much better gear ( I’m lvl 63 on UVHM with no legendary gear yet) I’m trying to get into this online playing way. Sorry I am totally new to the forum as well