Anyone still play BL2 online?

you can do what ever u want when im in with u but u have to add me first lol my psn is FAL_Buubles


PLEASE dont break my game while im in with u ok! !

its ok u will get used to it

and i have a mic + all dlc for the three games so no dlc in need for me

How would I break your game? I don’t understand. Like why would I do to do that?

I have some dlc also. Torque, Tina, captain scarlet, sir hammerlock and Marcus I think

So there are some basic unwritten rules for on-line coop play.

  • Follow the host’s lead and don’t wander off exploring
  • Only the host should pick up and turn in missions and side quests
  • Don’t spend ages in your menu, at vendors, or in the Quick Change
    • especially not when the host wants to travel!
  • Host gets first pick of loot

There’s probably a few other things but they’re mostly just common sense and being polite. You’ll also pretty quickly figure out how to communicate without a mic, like jumping to draw attention or shooting to indicate something to look at.

If you haven’t played coop much before, a couple other pointers:

  • Cash, gun ammo, and eridium are automatically shared between all players, but health, loot, and grenades are not
  • In coop you can still pick up ammo even if all your ammo storage is full, so check whether or not you’re short first

… and Rockets. :wink:

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idk most pf the people i play with break my game and what counrty r u in so i dont have to stay up really late to play?

I’ve never played online so I wouldn’t know people break some one’s game. I am in USA. Where are you from?

usa and add me FAL_Buubles

I’ll add you. Sorry I got home from work and went to play. Forgot to check the chat

its ok

if u want we can play now if ur online

Sorry I’m away with the family for the holidays.
In the mean time, you could tell me how you play, what you play. I’m playing with Salvador. I was farming savage lee for the DPUH. So far I have the Florentine, the butcher (slag), the antagonist and the seraph grenades you get from pyro Pete (all elements). Level 65 right now. Just got to that level while farming savage lee. No Harold yet

I’m down to play if you are my PSN is spencerfirelord

I play 1 2 and pre sequal got all dlcs so addme peeps psn:kaivon753393

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Add me psn:kaivon753393

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Anyone playing on ps3? Currently playing gaige lvl 72

Add me, psn: Danyzki

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