Anyone still play on ps4?

So I use to come to this site a lot during the early days of borderlands 2. It’s where I met a lot of cool people and reaaaaally got into the game and learned more about it and more fun things to do. Sadly… All my friends have since moved on a long time ago and playing solo is only fun for a few hours.

One thing I never got to do (legitly at least) was farm all the bosses and DLCs and what not. So does anyone wanna add me to farm and possibly level up new characters? I’m usually free at whatever times, my PSN is sharebear420. All are welcome!

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Psn: thatguysh4rk I’m on PST (that’s west coast usa) anytime on the weekends and sometimes after 7 on the weekdays. Levels across the spectrum with some drop characters too. Always looking to play with new people

add me infested808