Anyone still playing on 360?

I just got Live back after a year. I’ve just completed TVHM with Nisha and can’t get past Deadlift in UVHM. I can’t level up in TVHM anymore and need a hand getting past this bit. I also have the Raid Boss in TVHM to complete if anyone fancies getting some sweet loot.

I’m happy to play through any missions of anyone else’s too, just send me a friend request and invite me when I’m online. I’m in Western Australia so GMT+8 is my timezone but I play at weird times so it’s a matter of if I’m on, do it.

My gamertag is MartyWrench (same as username).

Cheers and see you online, Vaulties!

If you haven’t managed to find someone by Friday, let me know. I’m in eastern time zone (GMT-5), but I can jump on early Saturday morning my time (evening yours). I’ve got characters at levels 50, 55, and 61.

I’m on 360 add me if u want my gt is PeterL2014

GT: VegetaValpo

I don’t know how to quote people on this but;

Thank you Tokesy, I’ll go and check it out.

VH101, that would be awesome. My GamerTag is my username. I’ll be available anytime after 7pm my time.

Peter, it won’t let me add you for some reason. Is your GT right?

Vegeta, added you.

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my bad I fixed it so my gt is right

Peter, all done and added.

Cool, cheers Tokesy.

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