Anyone suffering from (really bad) connection issues?

I’m playing Battleborn on Playstation 4, so this is from that perspective. If you are playing on PC or Xbox One, let me know if these issues are also affecting you

So since Thursday (which also happened to be the time a PSN update was released) I’ve been having insane connection issues, which in Internet speak means I’m red barring pretty bad.

For me, Incursion on Battleborn seems to be unplayable. I go into matches red barring with the lag being so horrific that it’s a slideshow. A slight movement forward and God knows where I’ll end up that I never planned to. Quick Match (on PS4) refuses to load, with a constant “Failed to connect online session” errors popping up.

This is a real shame, as - I’m sure many can agree - Fridays and the weekends are prime time for Battleborn to play with your online friends and have a chilled weekend. But unfortunately, this isn’t going to be one of those weekends.

I can’t seem to understand why this is happening, which is leading me to believe it could be two issues:

It could be that the servers are acting up. I’ve checked my internet both times when I was playing in the two Incursion matches that I was in and I was at 100%. Yes, sometimes I may dip down to the yellow when I play but in general I have an otherwise healthy internet connection. So it couldn’t be my internet.

For me personally, it could also be Playstation Network update that happened on Thursday (or thereabouts), which may have affected online play in general.

I’m not the only one suffering from this problem on PS4, but others seem to be fine, which makes it unusual that its affecting some but not all people.

Anyone else been suffering from unexplained red bars or connection issues, either on Playstation 4 or other consoles?

Edit: Even OPS missions, when private, are red barring.


Ps4 not rly… Have you tried to test your conection?

Are u using wifi or ethernet?

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I’ve heard several people have had connection issues /other problems on the ps4 ever since the update. My matches were laggy yesterday, but everything seems fine now. I’ll try other online games today.

Tried it and it’s working fine.

I was hoping things would eventually settle but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Wifi or ethernet?

I had a similar problem when we got a new neighbor, idk what he used did or w.e but my wifi signal lost power. Seems like the wifi signal got overcrowded.

I experienced red bar type of lag on several matches last night while having a green connection. Today, it’s back to normal.

Definitely isn’t the wifi. It’s either PSN or the servers, as literally nothing in Battleborn is allowing me to play.

I’m hoping it gets back to normal.

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I’m having similar issues on x1 (choppy and redbar-lagtastic), which leads me to wonder if it’s on the ‘whatever server or servers gearbox uses’ end

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I am having this exact same issue and have been since the update.

Did have some fun with it though. Because I used the crimson fastest rath smash on the second sentry on incursion, or I tried to.
Ended up falling of the cliff apparently?
Yeah literally unplayable.

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I have had the same exact connection issues on PS4, both yesterday and today.


As a local allow me to be the first to welcome you to Australia.


Beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha pretty much my thoughts exactly when I read this thread

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Ever since the winter update I’ve had atrocious connections so I’m not sure

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Also something I’ve had issues with. Before the WU, I could roll in a premade team. Now, I have issues where I will simply disconnect for no apparent reason even though my internet is fine.

You guys are the real heroes of Battleborn. How you play in those conditions and still want to come back is beyond me.


Seriously…although it’s because of their example I kept trying even when I was Reyna red barring…

As someone who has been red-barring since the CTT, this brings me great joy :grin: Forgive me for taking pleasure in your misery, I’ll just leave this here so I can monitor any replies.


From seeing you guys play it helped me adapt more consistently than I would have otherwise

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Im not having any kind of lag but a lot of ppl in pub are getting randomly dced.

A miko + thorn just ruberband all over the place in green bars…? They got dced and rejoind to lag all over the place.

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Red bar in this game is not too bad. I experienced it on several matches for 2 days and it didn’t hurt my playstyle as much. The lag and rubber banding can be somewhat helpful in this game lol.