Anyone tested mind sweep after patch?

This was my fun n gun build… Sounds like they smoked it. Any feedback?

I’ll get to test once I get the kiddo in bed.

Still seems to be tearing it up, haven’t noticed a damage decrease yet

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That makes me so happy lol

I’ve been seriously enjoying the Gunner.

It doesn’t double dip when used with Iron Bear now. So things don’t just evaporate.

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They didnt nerf Mindsweeper itself, they just made it so it doesnt double dip Mayhem scaling while you are in IB.

Best I can tell, Mindsweeper is still really powerful. I am not a super-experienced Moze player but the damage output pre-patch and post-patch seem about the same to me? I am still wrecking everything in sight and I don’t have to use IB at all.

In fact, the Mindsweeper might be one of the best COMs among all the VHs in BL3. Really cool synergies and playstyle.

Correct – you still double-dip all other forms of bonus damage, just not Mayhem scaling.