Anyone think Moze needs anointments that work more?

I mean, most ASE anointments can be often used pretty reguarly with other chars. With Moze…not too much it feels like due to the IB downtime, etc?


Some annointments that work while in IB would be nice but it would just make it even harder to get annointments you want by continuing the dilute the pool of annointments


Moze is still the worst char in BL3, the playstyle, the anointments, the strange skilltree, nearly all is in comparision to the other class really really bad.

Every other class can trigger anoitments in seconds, Moze only all 30seconds with a terrible 6sec animation…


Action skill end is bad for Moze and Zane. They both need more options.


I feel like we should be able to deploy iron bear without hoping in if we choose the skill auto bear. If we want to hop in we can or just use it as auto bear. And annointments could proc on deployment


Yeah. Right now I should probably start looking for/trading for weapons I like for FL4K and Amara with ASE extra elemental or flat out damage. My FL4K has a 100 damage ASE Bekah that eats stuff alive.

I don’t really mind the Moze specific 18s anointment one Iron Bear exit, it lasts a lot longer than some of the other ones and the 120 bonus splash damage is decent… It’d be nice to get more like that and that anointment is super rare for some reason.

The problem is it’s dumb trying to use that, and some for the road. If it’s on the launcher that’s ok, but then you only make use of it for 5s instead of 18. If it’s on a different gun, some for the road isn’t very useful.

I hate trying to make sure I have the right gun equipped before I get into iron bear because a lot of times the situation is different when I hop out. Like if I have a corrosive gun with that anointment and there’s some enemies with armor, I’ll probably have them killed with iron bear and then I’ll hop out and the enemies have shields.


Worse yet, the Moze specific stuff is weaker than the general anointments and by far weaker than the anointments of the other VH. The weaker effect could be justified if the duration was MUCH longer, but it isn’t. Moze also has several useless to nearly useless skills including the survivability skills other VH get. Many of Moze’s skills have effects that are WAY too weak. Her good skills have been nerfed into the ground to the point of being almost worthless. Even the action skill of Moze (and the available options) are subpar. There is a serious lack even after all the updates to IB to the damage of IB. If I spec and max out all the damage skills for IB, then IB STILL does less DPS than Moze regardless of class mod. Most of the Tier 1 skills are especially sub-par and in need of buffs. Torgue Cross-Promotion also stands out. I believe the lackluster tier 1 skills could be made usable with some healing/health/shield buffs added to them. Not anything op, but things that stack up with each other. TCP should be +15% splash Damage and double area at 100% for 5 points imo. This was meant to be a short post and here I am ranting. I may have to just compile my thoughts and ideas for skill changes elsewhere sometime when I have time. I want to be constructive about my complaints after all. Sorry for the rant everyone.

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But it’s kind of needed. IB will never be an endgame build unless we get some form of anointments that work while action skill is in effect/in iron bear.


If they gave moze an option to not enter IB when summoning ASE would be a lot more viable i think.

They could give auto bear a alternate “mode” - hold action skill to summon autobear for 15 sec, counts as exit early.


Her annoints are also oddly weaker like why does she have 40%bonusbincin for next 2 rounds when there are 50%bonus incin… it should be a flat 100%bonus incin at that point tbh.
Her dont consume ammo one should stack with some for the road making it 10 seconds otherwise it should be increased to 8 seconds to begin with.
I think some damage skills need a change click click should actually be based in hownfulk your mag is not empty since that kinda defeats the purpose of having great ammo regen on high mags that or damage bonus should be abused abused bf how long u fire like the new com and the new com should have the bonus damage increased to 150%at max bonus which is firing for 13seconds.

Her fire rate and reload speed one is ok tbh but it’s just not good but not all of them need to be godlike tbh who knows that could be amazing on a certain item like the shredifier.
The auto bear one should be increased to 50%tbh or even more to make the auto bear com way more appealing.
Finally she needs one that flat out boost iron bear damage a good bit more than a random gernad every now and again


So far, the only Anointed perk I can use with Moze is “next two mags deal x”, and I can make the effect last almost indefinitely thanks to Redistribution.


Annointment that increases damage when Action Skill isn’t being used. Kind of like the Tlaloc scout rifle from Destiny.


The 120% splash damage annointment / 100% weapon damage annointment is really good for the Scourge rocket launcher on Moze if you have a point in Some For the Road. I use it to help me clear clusters of enemies in the Slaughter Shaft / Takedown Raid.

I haven’t speced ther far down the green tree. I put most of my points into the red and blue trees, mostly for Phalanx Doctrine.

Ah okay, yeah if you’re not running bottomless mags, then really no annointment is good for Moze

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Pretty much only the reload/handling one, or airborn one. But you’re right, they’re not very good haha

i think it would be nice, but i don’t think it’s exactly necessary.

one thing about moze is that she utilizes some of the standard anointments far better than other VHs.

next 2 mags bonuses pretty much don’t end on most moze builds, and thats a ton of damage. and while the standard splash anointment is 5% higher, mozes splash anointment lasts twice as long.

sure, amara still has 250% and 300% weapon damage anointments, and now that zane can use SNTL again his anointment pool is a bit better. but i feel we utilize the anointment pool a lot better, and we rely on it far less than the other do.

Yeah but to be fair, other VH can use their action skill more frequently and much quicker. They can use 2 mags and just do it again. Moze only has the advantage on very specific mag sizes that other VH will burn through just quick enough but moze is able to keep topped up.

I agree with that, Moze’s splash anointment is better for Moze, but the universal one is worse on Moze than it is on the other VH’s… I don’t even bother with the universal splash damage one.

Part of the issue with anointments for Moze is that all of IB’s cooldown (and duration) related skills are in Demolition Woman.
Fl4K has Head Count which provides cooldown reduction on crits in the Hunter Skill Tree, Persistence Hunter in the Master Skill Tree (which increases duration), and Eager to Impress in Stalker.
Zane has Adrenaline and Calm, Cool, Collected in Undercover, Good Misfortune in Hitman and Borrowed Time in Doubled Agent.

BM/SoR Moze can’t afford either Deadlines or Grizzled at the moment and the only useful action skill related stuff in those trees are stat buffs to Iron Bear (aside from Security Bear and Dakka Bear).