Anyone think Moze needs anointments that work more?

Yes please. Better anoints and a rework.
The round of nerfs made moze the worst VH imo. And i was a moze main…


Most of them are fine. I’m able to play around ASE anointments, because I just hop in and out of IB, but I can see why players who do use the entire duration would have problems. Fortunately, the devs introduced new anointments that don’t require using action skills.

  • Consecutive Hits increase weapon damage by 1% per hit, misses remove all bonuses
  • Killing an enemy grants 5% Weapon Damage and Reload Speed for 25 seconds, this effect stacks
  • While enemies are below 25% health, gain 50% increased Weapon Damage
  • Those jumping/sliding ones

I think that problem is that Moze’s specific anointments aren’t efficient when you use up all of IB’s fuel. The most efficient ones are the magazine-based anointments if you have enough ammo regen. It’d be nice if Moze had more class specific anointments that are independent to IB’s cooldown.

Characters should be design to account for the variety of anointments and the devs do that, except it’s just really clunky for Moze and Zane. Jumping in and out of IB and detonating Doppelbanger to proc ASE anointments feels awful. The least that they could do is speed up the animations.

I think gbx could also just simply buff the auto bear annointments. Instead of 20% extra damage when auto bear is active, deal 200% extra damage. Instead of 8% ammo regen while auto bear is active, get 15% ammo regen. Now, there’s a reason to use the Rocketeer class mod and you haven’t diluted the loot pool any further.

Also, they should fix the 20% to chuck a nade annointment while IB takes damage.


I agree. I just didn’t want to mention rebalancing some of her anointments, because it’s another topic. My idea for buffing AB anointments would be AB also getting that 20% bonus and it’d be generic damage instead of fire. It could also be changed to “While IB/AB is active”, so IB also gets a boost, but I don’t think IB really needs it. The ammo regen one seems fine, but I wouldn’t be opposed if it was 15%. 8% and some fire rate would be cool.

Rocketeer’s problems extend past those anointments. AB’s survivability is greatly improved with Vampyr, but limits the augments you can use. You don’t have to use Vampyr. Personally, I just use Railguns and place AB somewhere safe, but I’m anxious about AB being destroyed. It’s like playing Axton without Longbow Turret and Mag-Lock. Getting IB/AB to scale with difficulty was a good start, but there’s still a ways to go.

The 25% extra damage for 6 seconds after grenade throw works really well with demo woman tree Moze , and frankly even her ASE ones work too since my IB cooldown is about 40 seconds and the ASE bonuses last at least half way thru that .

The grenade spawn while in IB is awesome in theory BUT:

  • less useful than the 25% grenade damage one
  • is bugged so stops working unless you unequip and requip

I think for moze ahe needs a splash damage anointment bonus of some kind

This is patently false . Moze is by far the strongest of my VH characters , Zane is still the weakest.

Haven’t played Amara yet though

strong? On what? Moze is still the worst VH in comparision with the possibilies and symbiosis of the other VH.

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I’m ripping thru slaughter shafts on M4 the easiest weed with my moze compared to other VHs. In fact with Zane I went back to M3.

The funny thing is my Moze build is hardly perfect. In specced into all 3 trees and my capstone is Short Fuse which is generally not liked.

The deathless 1hp build with moze is extremely viable if you know how to play her .

Edit : “ripping thru” might be a slight exaggeration. It’s still tough to clear slaughter shafts at m4.

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personally, i believe moze is the most balanced in her power level for the difficulties we currently have available to us, and is the most consistent in her power delivery. but that’s because the other vault hunters are overpowered for what we have.

however, her power peak is the weakest by quite a bit. the things that fl4k and amara are capable of outclass the other two by a massive margin, and zane’s power level has eaked out moze in the last couple of patches. aside from lacking decent regen in the SoR tree, i feel moze is in a proper place.

i think where zane’s power sits is fine, as the skill cap in playing him is higher, but flak and amara are too good for the game as it currently stands.

part of this problem is due to the fact that the devs don’t play moze. who knows why, but they don’t. other than their streams making it clear, there’s a VIP room hidden in the impound lot of DLC1 that moze cannot reach via the intended method. why? because her character model is shorter than the others and she can’t reach it. you can still get there, but its precarious.

there are a few areas in the DLC that moze actually can’t jump to normally due to her height deficiency, as well as a few that she can, but has to get the launch point exactly correct or she misses, and it made it that much clearer how little the devs play the character.

What? There’s a VIP room Moze can’t reach? Can you detail which one it is because i’m pretty sure I’ve hit all of them as Moze

can’t reach in the intended method, ie, jumping from the intended launch point and grabbing the ledge from that point. its the one in the impound that has a sequence of several VIP doors one after another. all of the other VHs can jump from the normal ground and grab the ledge. i’ve always had to walk along an outward railing in order to make the jump.

Oooohhh yea I remember that now. That was weird. Sigh. Moze needs love

yup. also the crew challenge where the debt colelctor bot is, she can’t get to the ledges through normal means. you do some wonky maneuvering to get on top of the hedges first, then the start points.

Ugh I didn’t know other VHs could just jump up there normally. I thought it was supposed to be annoying or that I was missing something because that was dumb.

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Yeah I thought the same, then was playing through a second time with a friend and his fl4k just went straight up, the so did my Zane.


I was just thinking… I wish they put the 120% splash damage for 18s on IBE for shields instead of on guns. She would be so much better with just that one change.

edit: or maybe a shield with 120% splash damage for ~25s on entering Iron Bear…


I’d like to see a shield anointment along the lines of “regen 2% of max shields per second for each active stack of drowning in brass” or something similar.

Edit: having 245% splash dmg for 9s after IB would be nice, but I think it’s too strong, just like I think amaras anoints are too strong.

Where’d 245 come from? Stacking splash damage anoints? I would say it probably shouldn’t be able to be stacked like the elemental bonuses.

Idk, then that’s kinda wasted on a shield anointment. The other shield anointments give better options for combining anointments than sliding the 120 splash over to shields would.

Whaaat no way man. First, you can switch weapons. So you can some for the road a launcher then switch to your smg/assault rifle. 2nd it would still stack with next 2 mag elemental bonuses. 3rd if it was on entry to iron bear it would give the bonus to the mech as well. 4th it would buff grenades.

It’d easily be the only shield anointment worth using, which would maybe make it op, but it’d only be op on moze because her other anointments are subpar with her action skill.

Also it would buff blast master and mind sweeper, and it’d be the best anointment for IB builds with bear trooper and raging bear. Only sucks for maybe bloodletter.

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