Anyone thinks new PC is going to be a Medic?

(nosh05) #1

The fact that PC has no healers/ decent healer, anyone thinks the bird that looks like it has a grenade luancher is going to be a healer?

(Jabrielthomas) #2

Maybe one of his/her abilities is a medic mortar.

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #3

I don’t think so, but I could be wrong. They look to be another Attacker. Each faction seems to have their strengths and weaknesses. Areas they cover and areas they lack. Just like the gear. The Peacekeeper factions seems to lack healing.

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(nosh05) #4

True but i think each fraction should have aleast one of “something”. PC not only have no healers, but no main supports, or shielders. Even the warrior race of Jennerit have Ambra, and LLC has Kleese.


The grenadier bird might have some support abilities, but it’s hard to imagine they’d have two of their DLC characters be straight up healers. I suppose it’s possible they’ll be a shielder in a way, but my money is on one of the back two (the Angel looking thing and the mecha) filling that role. They’ll probably just be an AoE attacker. IDK.

(Xarteros) #6

Keeper starts with a K

Peace Keeper should be PK, not PC.

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(Puunchbag193) #7

Why does each faction need something? Its not like you limited to play only one faction so i dont see why he needs to be a healer. Just wondering why you think every faction needs one of everything?

(nosh05) #8

wow can’t believe i did that lol

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(nosh05) #9

I think for me it more to do with versatility. While it isn’t really that PK needs a healer/support i would be nice if they had at least one. It kinda comes off as strange to me that every fraction, but PK has no support, shielder, or healer. Maybe im just looking for a reason to work on PK, because all of them seem kinda boring and support tend to help make nice plays?
Maybe it becasue every other fraction has a more versitile cast dispite how the fraction play style is? Or maybe im just comparing fractions? Just feels like all the other fractions have these role balanced teams and PK has 4 damage dealers, and a tank that can be played as a damage dealer.

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I highly doubt they’ll but in another healer. People have not stopped whining and complaining about Miko and Alani since they were released, I doubt the devs want the headache of hearing people complaining about nerfs again.

(Benedict Informant) #11

Peoples were not complaining about Alani for her Healing only.
And they were not as much complain against Miko than they were against Alani.

And nobody complain about Kleese or Reyna’s Healing.


Well, they both heal/provide shields which heal themselves overtime anyhow. And yes, I realize they can heal health as well, but those are mid-level helix upgrades and aren’t anywhere near as strong as MIko and Alani.

Alani had an issue with her survivability and the fact that she needed to attack in order to heal effectively which made people play her in such a way where she would become a front line combatant and only really heal herself. That was what I witnessed anyhow. They didn’t really solve the problem they just nerfed her attack and health. She can still just wail on the opposition while continuously healing herself unless the entire team focus fires on her.

(Benedict Informant) #13

Actually, Kleese heal is really good. But you got to stick close to him (He is basically a healing pod)
And Reyna’s healing is better than Miko (Overall), but harder to do (Need her Legendary, helix choices and proper gears. Also aim.)

What i mean, is that it’s not “Healers” peoples have problems with. It’s easy healing and role-stacking.
Kleese and Reyna’s healing actually require either skill and/or brain (Either from the healer, or the player), they can be easy to kill too, or can hardly do anything by themselves.

Let’s say the new Avian UPR Grenade-launcher dude is actually a combat Medic, instead of just healing like Miko or Alani (Which is just point and click, sort of) he could have a skill to drop Health pack on the ground, that peoples got to pick up. But it can be destroyed by the enemies. So you’d have to think a bit before dropping stuff everywhere, as they are cooldown based Heal (A bit like how Miko players got to think with their Ult).

Also, peoples don’t like characters who stack every roles.
Reyna, Miko, and Kleese are fine where they are (Real support / Healer, with some controls)
Alani was ridiculous, as she was a Support-Healer-Control-Attacker-Tank character. Which is what pissed peoples big time.

So a Healer-Damage character with no (Or barely) any control, and also squishy, would be fine.
At least, i think.

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I suppose that is a fair point. I never really played much Kleese or Reyna so they still remain somewhat unexplored territory for me and I don’t kno all of their possible strategies. Alani… sigh* yea. I feel the 1/3rd hit she took to her hp was great and am still unsure where I stand on the further nerfs, but you do make a good point… I still hate Miko/Montana though. So much rage.

(Chaosthedude) #15

The faction does need a proper medic, if that happened earlier Galilea wouldn’t have become the monster she was…


Why does it need a medic? They don’t have faction only teams so they don’t really require one because someone could just play Miko or Reyna. Also, what does a faction not having at least one healer in their ranks have to do with Galilea having been OP?

(Hobo4Lyfe) #17

Each faction has a weakness by design. The Peacekeepers’ is in support. While we may associate an “aggro” mindset with “no support” and the Jennerit may seem more “aggro,” their culture also involves immortal sustainment, so healing factors in.

Note that the Jennerit don’t have a real ranged threat, and the LLC don’t have a real “brick.”

(Chaosthedude) #18

Cool, someone else who noticed a point to the factions, try having a team composed entirely of a faction, some are easier than others…

(Can't stand ya) #19

Why do we need another bird with a launcher is the real question.

(Benedict Informant) #20

Why not?