Anyone thinks new PC is going to be a Medic?


Okay, so I wasn’t the only one thinking it. I thought I was missing something.



Because birds are known for dropping bombs… crap, they crap on people a lot.


(the one person that likes capture ) #23

old post, but at one point i had a healing power gear that had a quote then “-Benedict Jr”


(Benedict Informant) #24

Well, yes, that’s… Benedict’s full name:
August Benedict Jr.

Nothing to do with the new guy.


(Awesome By Analysis) #25

I’m kinda curious why everyone thinks that it needs to be a healer in order to qualify for the “Supporter” categorization. I could easily see her being a supporter by dint of using smoke grenades that debuff her foes and buff her allies. She might get a little bit of healing on a skill via a Helix (like Alani gets healing on Riptide or Geyser and has the option on Emergence), but healing isn’t a necessity to be a Supporter. Supporter just means that you’re there to make your allies more likely to succeed. Supporters are about getting assists as opposed to kills, and there’s ways to get assists without healing.

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(the one person that likes capture ) #26

i know his first name was August didn’t know about Jr tho weird his name would be on a healer gear.


(Benedict Informant) #27

“Don’t worry! I have the barest minimum of medical training!” -August Benedict Jr.
MyFirst™ Med-Kit

That’s the healing item you are thinking about.


(the one person that likes capture ) #28

yeah thats it, just didn’t seem relative to him at all especially on a healing item. Unless hes just “poking fun” of healers getting their “first” healing gear and the little joke completely jumped over my head. :mask:


(Ambra's Arbiter) #29

Yes I completely hope he’s mainly a buffer. That would be amazing.


(Dr Extrem) #30

Peacekeepers need a badass medic or buffer. Definitely a supporter … maybe with a grenade launcher.

A small but buff guy, with a deep voice and cynical personality.


(Awesome By Analysis) #31

[quote=“Dr_Extrem, post:30, topic:1511409, full:true”]A small but buff guy, with a deep voice and cynical personality.

The grenade launcher is pretty much guaranteed; as is the small part (buff is questionable; she’s definitely stout). If you check out the Free Update Plans in the lobby (bottom right corner), they’ve got a picture of the DLC characters; in center is Alani (in color, because she’s released), to her right is Pendles (just a penciled drawing, because he’s yet to be released but is coming out next month), to Alani’s left is the grenade bird (penciled drawing, because, presumably she’s coming after Pendles), and to the chicken’s left and Pendles’ right are the outlines of the other 2 DLC characters (left side is most likely LLC, some people are guessing Nova in a robot suit; right side is most likely Jennerit, some people are guessing Empress Lenore).


(Dr Extrem) #32

Nova in a robot suit would be cool. Like bowtie-cool.

If the peacekeeper supporter is a she, the deep voice would be a bit less cool though.


(nosh05) #33

Get a lil excited every time Nova says. “Kleese? Robot suit. Kleese?”


(nosh05) #34

Its strange how people just reinvent my topics. I was asking does anyone thinks the new PK is going to be a medic. Its really just a YES or NO type of question.


(Benedict Informant) #35

Pretty sure the new Aviant is a “He”.


(Awesome By Analysis) #36


The only thing we know about that new character is vaguely was s/he looks like. Until such time as we get more info, I’m gonna refer to her as if she were female. :stuck_out_tongue:


(Benedict Informant) #37

Well, from the first picture we had from the Aviant, i thought it could be a She too, hah.
But the more recent one… (Which you talked about earlier, a bit enhanced)

I’d wouldn’t call that a she. But that might change till his/her release.
To be honest, i’d like if it was a She. (We even discussed about if “she” was Circinae in another topic.)


(Awesome By Analysis) #38

[quote=“Corrsk, post:37, topic:1511409, full:true”](We even discussed about if “she” was Circinae in another topic.)

My current not-really-hoping-but-really-hoping concept for her is anthropomorphized military mother hen. Egg puns, “chicken” insults, and the like. I mean, if we’re talking gallus domesticus, she’s looks a lot more like a hen than a rooster.


(nosh05) #39

Now that i got a close up of the new hero does looks like i it could be a she, looks like an egg on the back, small fingers, small feet, the size of the eyes, and they use a smaller beak. Think this egg might be a girl.


(Benedict Informant) #40

Looks more like a big bomb, or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was his/her ult.

And what you described next, is pretty much Toby. And he is clearly not female, hah.
My guess is he is male because of his face.