Anyone try using the avalanche on her?

I’m just wondering if you get double novas and double the spike damage when you use it.

I was planing to use one in my final build, but I haven’t got that far yet.

I gave her one… she’s already freezing everything without it, that it seems like a waste, but there’s no doubt that it’s an awesome shield, and she just makes it better. Personally, I’m searching for some frisky little Tediore thing with ~1 second recharge delay to work with some of her skills.

The shortest recharge delay I could find on an avalanche is 9 seconds, which essentially takes bitter riposte out of the equation. This is essentially true of any shield that takes longer than about 5 seconds to recharge.

She is capable of some insane recharge delay though. Theoretically, she can get that 9 second recharge delay down to below 2 seconds. closer to 1.5 in fact, under optimal conditions of course, and only for a short period of time.

and with the avalanche’s fast recharge rate, knocking its delay down enough could make it recharge to full faster than plenty of purple nova shields, but unfortunately it doesn’t really have the radius for it to be worth it.

I do love her shield recharge delay abilities though. With 200 stacks of short summer at 11/5 and at 1 health with Podsnappery, a Cracked Sash will recharge in .17 seconds.

i just posted about her and an avalanche in another thread. it is awesome but kinda redundant. you do get double novas i believe and homing ice shards. i dont use it during boss/raid battles, mostly for mobbing. with the right skills you can turn any shield into an “avalanche” tho. i think it just makes it stronger in regards to the nova and spike damage. the back hand capstone with the roid damage is close to a base Wilhelm robopunch so i kinda play them similar. freeze and backhand em. what’d the five fingers say to the face? SLAP! CALM YOUR SELF!

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Now I’m hooked on the idea to use it for its roid damage with the backhand. If the damage is already 2.3mil with just avalanche and frostbite without BAR, it’s gotta be awesome with the roid from that shield. Will report back on how it went

i only carry two shields on mine: avalanche for mobbing and a bulwark for bosses.

So, I tested the Backhand to Remember in combination with the Roid bonus from the Inflammable Avalanche. Apparently, the backhand does NOT get boosted by the roid. Tested it at 100 stacks of 5/5 Avalanche and 9/5 Frostbite and the 44% cryo boost form the Chronicler of Elpis com. It’s still around the same damage (around 2600k) as normal.

That’s my observation, I can post video footage if people need that kinda proof.

some one in another thread detailed why it isnt advantageous to use an avalanche due to certain skills in the cryo tree, you can get more novas and ice fragments with other shields. that being said i use the avalanche anyway :smile:
@Ha_Na that seems odd. does the stack of avalanche and frostbite and ChronElp boost the melee damage or are you trying to boost the cryo damage the backhand adds?

To put it simple: my fully buffed backhand damage (avalanche stacks + frostbite + chronicler + bladed gun) is around 2.3mil.

I wanted to see if I can further increase that damage with the roid bonus from the shield.

In short: it doesn’t work. Probably because the backhand damage is pure cryo damage and does not get boosted by roid. Simple as that.

Video Proof:
Not wearing the Avalanche, I manage to backhand a frost bitten Ultimate, 2.3mil, quite in the beginning of this vid.

Wearing the Avalanche, I manage to strip it and punch a frost bitten enemy while having all kill skills going. Still 2.3mil. (at the end of this vid, around 1:35)

I was really frustrated with her until I tried the Cracked Sash.
Then I got one, equipped it, and haven’t looked back since.

awesome thank you @Ha_Na.