Anyone up for a fresh start?

since I haven’t got a 360 anymore I can’t transfer my save so …

anyone up for a quickish run through ?

looking for players preferably from the uk .

I’ll have a go with ya. Gamer tag Moximus I’d prefer to play tps but either one will do as I am fairly newbro

you online now ?

Yeah. Just got to the moon in my new playthrough

Hey, I’m up for a new, quickish run :slight_smile: Gamertag Tom Chilled, happy to play either

i would be up for a fresh start just got the game today but played it alot on 360 gt is uk1 x warlordzz

hi man am new at this game but not on shooters, so add me if you can, my gt is sicariolikehell

Was looking for some other UK/EU players. Should get on over the weekend.
Have mic, won’t ninja.


i will do one now if anybody is on?

just about to jump on if anyone is interested ? currently at level 10