Anyone up for the last 2 Digistruct run-throughs?

I’m OP6 at the minute and want to finish the last 2, anyone up for it?

GT is ABigRedMonster


Incidentally, I’m also looking for the Handsome head for the doppelganger on the pre-sequel, if anyone has a spare I’d be happy to trade something for it. Got a bunch of OP8s on BL2 or a bunch of orange legendaries on TPS.

Hi if you still need help, im also an op6 looking for someone to run through op7 and 8 . Hit me up xxxDarkShotZxxx im a Zero.

Hey. I’m an OP level 5. But if that doesn’t work me and a couple friends are looking to do raid bosses. Shoot me a request at anytime. gamertag THI5 GUYY, Level 72 Maya/ OP level 5

Sorry I didn’t notice your messages guys! Combination of work & study made me forget all about this thread. I’ll add you both and we can give the run-through a go. If you’ve got any OP8 friends who want to join in feel free to invite them!