Anyone use pangenesis glyph on miko?

And does it boost healing even to non eldrid allies?(since it claims to boost heals from eldrid allies I’m just wanting to verify it works as advertised)

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I just recently got myself a Pangenesis Glyph and haven’t gotten to test it yet, so I can only speculate.

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The way I understand this to work is:

  • Giving you a 25% Healing Received bonus to every heal you get from an Eldrid teammate.
  • Giving you a 25% Heal Power bonus on every heal given to an Eldrid teammate.
  • I have yet to test how the item procs on self-heal (with both Caster and target obviously being Eldrid), so I can’t confirm if this leads to double-dipping.

So it could hypothetically lead to absurd healing, if two Eldrid - say Miko and Kelvin - both wear one.

However, I see no way for the tertiary effect to ever interact with non-Eldrid teammates.
The only thing applicable there is the 7% Heal Power secondary.
So, it’s definitely something you’d want as an alternate loadout.


Most of that seemed about right to me, but you never know haha just gotta check