Anyone use the boring gun?

I’m curious how this gun would work on moze. I found it with 2.3k x 2 dmg, annointed gunner which gives +125% splash damage radius after exiting iron bear (I guess use iron bear simply for that lmfao)

it has +390 splash damage radius. It’s a shotgun which essentially shoots 6 of those spinning blade discs that cyclones (the vehicle) shoot. They spin around hit stuff and then explode. They can bounce off walls too. Clip size of 4, shots consume 2 bullets. reload time is 2 seconds.

I know everyone loves the flakker and scourge, but I’m curious if anyone has ever played around with this shotgun. It seems really strong.

The boring Gun is indeed realy strong but its Purpose is retricted inthe Field.
The Blades stay on the Floor soyou cant´t use it on flying Opponents.
I also think it´s not fpor Bosses like Gigamind.
He´s flaoting and it looked to me that at last the half of the Blades didn´t do Damage.
And because of the Spreading of the Blades you have to extremly close in many Bossfghts.
I played it a while against Mobgroups but then changed to a Flacker.
Bosses or Mobs, this Gun can handle both really good of course not every Boss, Graveward for example).