Anyone using the Polybius?

i think that considering the fact that its some sort of an “e-tech” kinda weapon, only dealing elemental laser damage, it could deal hidden splash damage
that would probably make it a much more desirable weapon :v
it can spawn with homing grenades so it already has potential as a good sustain weapon for moze

I do. That alternating spead pattern has me using it for wide (naturally or because they’re very close) enemies so all the shot gets on target.

What’s this?

the reload module
tediore weapons have different ones and the polybius can kinda roll all of them
and one of them are homing mirv grandes, working similar to a CMT

Ah, forgot about that. I think mine has some basic reload.

whats a basic reload on a tediore weapon? XD

heh - the lobbed, “shoot me” orb.

i thought that was a special thing from the anarchy
didnt even see it ever before

Yeah, had fun with that while mobbing. I actually got a level 8 fire one to drop on my second character, and that has got quite a bit of use. I need to experiment with it a bit more.