Anyone wanna start some new character?

I have only finished the game on one character, and I want to completely level all of the characters before the next DLC is dropped.

The characters I have:

LVL 50 Fl4k
LVL 6 Amara

I am willing to start any character, doesn’t really matter.
GT: XeRoBurnXD (I have a mic)

I actually have a Fl4k that I just started, it’s at level 11 currently. Always looking for someone to play with.

you want to play this weekend?

Sure my GT is IXI Shyn3 IXI

I finished all character 2 time for Normal then TVHM. I not finish DLC yet. I still love to play story and side quest. :slight_smile:

I have started another character, and am having a lot of fun on him.

I started a Hyperion Allegiance Zane. I was going to to do a Jakob’s Zane, but i didnt want to pull the trigger ever time I want to shoot my gun.