Anyone Wanna Trade?

Hey all. I’ve got quite a bit of gear now, but I want certain elements or certain versions etc. I’ll post what I have for trade and what I want. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to do business. I’ll continue updating both lists as I go. Lvl 50 items

For trade -

  • Gatlin’ Gatling Gun
  • Stormfront grenade
  • Punishing Vestigial Dragon legendary Siren mod (Tediore weapon fire rate/ Health regen/ torgue weapon dmg)
  • Shrinking Devils Foursum (cryo)
  • True Monocle (annointed / ase weapon accuracy and handling increased)
  • Insightful b#tch
  • Imbued Tangled Elementalist legendary siren mod (assault rifle dmg/ grenade radius/ +5 grenade capacity)
  • Handsome Jackhammer (fire)
  • Handsome Jackhammer (radiation)
  • Anim4tronic beastmaster head
  • Psychodelic weapon skin
  • Oozing Devils Foursum (corrosive)
  • Cutpurse Otto Idol (Melee enemies to steal ammo / restores 18% health on kill / incendiary resist / cryo resist / cryo dmg)
  • Dueling Wagon Wheel
  • Cash Infused B#tch (shock)
  • Adapting Ripper (cryo)
  • Deep Nebula weapon skin
  • Venomous Ripper (corrosive)

What I’m looking for - Annointed I might be willing to trade two items for

  • Crossroads (shock / fire / cryo)
  • Kings Call (fire or shock w/ sights)
  • Queens Call (cryo w/ sights)
  • Shreddifier (fire)
  • Kaos (radiation or cryo)
  • Vicious Lyuda (cryo or shock)
  • Laser Sploder (cryo)
  • The Flood (w/ sights)
  • Rowen’s Call (radiation or cryo)
  • Dictator (fire or radiation)
  • Infinity (shock or cryo or fire)
  • Hex grenade (cryo)
  • Tan-Fusion grenade (cryo or shock)

Do the trade through Mail

I have a radiation shredifier I’d trade for the crossroads.

Lvl 50 right? If so I’m down…

Sure is, my gt is Jesse Furygod

Sounds good dude. Wanna do this through the mail? I’ll send mine then you send yours?

My gt is RavenMock3r

Sure! Way easier than trying to join games.

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i have a shock kings call if you wanna swap for that corrosive lucians call

Sorry man. I already have a shock Kings Call. I’m hoping to get some other elements.

Cool, cool btw i’m pretty sure the kings only comes in shock and fire while the queens which is the same weapon comes in the other elements so you’ll never get a queens in shock I don’t think :wink:

Ahhh… I was wondering. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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In that case, does your kings call have sights on it at least? Or does it always come iron sights as well?

it literally fell through the floor and disappeared because i was dropping it to put it back on my other character and disappeared soooo yea :confused: doesn’t matter now sadly because glitchy game is glitchy :frowning: but yea they come with sights, mine had a scope

Yep. I’ve been hit a few times by that nonsense… Thanks anyways man.

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i’ll hit you back up if I come across one with a scope tho :wink:


Check your lost loot if you clear it regularly it should show up there after you leave the game.

Yea I don’t think lost and found counts weapons you’ve dropped. Either way tho it didn’t seem to be there so w/e. Just bad luck.

A couple of new items

Need legendary fl4k bounty hunter mod with 31% action skill cooldown, can trade fire cuts man, fire crossroads, cryogenic crossroads, acid lucia’s call, fire rowan call, compressing kill o the wisp

I’ll have to check to see If I have one… If I do I would like to trade for fire Rowens Call maybe.