Anyone wanna Trade

I have -

  • Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin (annointed - ASE 125% dmg to BA / Named / Bosses)
  • The Companion (annointed Beastmaster - after Rakk Attack gain 25% crit dmg)
  • Burning Gratifying Laser - Sploder (annointed - ASE 125% dmg to BA / Named / Bosses)
  • Molten Vicious Lyuda (ASE 125% dmg to BA / Named / Bosses)
  • Dastardly Maggie (annointed Beastmaster - 1 extra charge of Rakk Attack)

What I want -

  • Unforgiven (with sights)
  • Lyuda (cryo - not the Annexed version)
  • Disciplined Kaos (fire)
  • Dictator (fire / cryo / radiation)
  • Cutsman (fire / shock / cryo / radiation)
  • Sleeping Giant (fire / radiation / non elmt)

I have a fire Flakker message me on Xbox at JumpnSpyder if your interested.

Yes sir…

Message didn’t come through for some reason. I might have an Unforgiven as well

K. I’ll try again. And does that unforgiven have a some sights on it?

Looking now. Do you happen to have an anointed facepuncher?


Any anointed stuff for Amara?

Sorry man. I don’t.

How about the Flakker for the laser sploader?

Sure. I’ll send it through mail if you can do the same…

Sounds good, will send it in a few minutes

Alright. I sent the Laser-Sploder already.

Just sent you the Flakker

Good doing business buddy

I need class mods

Happen to have gamma burst hornet’s, breath of the dying, or warlords?

Nope. Sorry dude.

Worth a shot. If you do happen to find them send me a pm.

Sure thing. I get breath of the dying quite often, just not with that annointment yet.