Anyone want a Warlord?

So I’ve been farming ol’ Billy all d@mn day for some decent anointed Warlords and these are the only two I got. I don’t even have a Moze character lol.
Anybody want them? Leave Gt. And I’ll send in mail.

I want the 125% incendiary one for sure.

GT DeadheadHix09

Much appreciated!

Sending it off now

can i have the other one?, my gt is melancholy girl

Oh crap. I might’ve gotten rid of it already. Hopefully I still have it and I’ll send it to you. Sorry if I don’t.

Actually, I have a better one on my other thread I’ll send you. The corrosive Warlord 125% incendiary after exiting Iron Bear.

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awww thank you :slight_smile: