Anyone want anointed old god shields?

-phasegrasping trigger novas 8802
-IRON bear cooldown rate 30%
-aSE regenerate 5% health
-phaseslam melee damage 200%
-Shield break deals 100% shield capacity as bonus amp damage
-ASA trigger shield effects (rad damage, elemental resistance, recharge delay, health)

Hey there do you have a shock old god with elemental ASE?

Got a shock with ASE ASCooldown but it has 20% shock.

I’m farming currently, so i may get another one

What are the rolls amd element for the on shield break one?

What element do you have the phaseslam melee in? Would go nicely with that cryo white elephant I’m scoring from you already haha


I’ll take it lol, thanks

Would love a rad or any IB cool down. I don’t have much lvl 60 gear to trade atm.

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Friend me and I will send it.

I need a Mitosis Hunter Seeker grenade and a Front-Loader shield with Radiation.

If you don’t have those or are using them, then don’t worry about trading. A lot of people have been helping me out, so I can do the same. I didn’t have a lot of stuff either when I started out.

Haven’t seen a Mitosis hunter seeker at lvl 60 but I’ll check on the shield. I do tend to use front loaders on my Moze sometimes just because they have the highest capacity so I may have one and I love the old god but Iusually end up back with the Transformer most of the time. Thanks for the help. My PSN: IVIassiveDynamic.

About to send that IB shield your way.

Send me a friend request and I will send the shield over. No trade required.