Anyone want free LV 50 SoT class mods? (Gunzerker & Psyco)

I have a couple of LV 50 Slayer of terramorphous for Salvador and Krieg. If anyone want it, then be my guest.


Why yes I would! lol. I just got back into BL2 on PS4 after already obtaining my dream arsenal on 360 only to miss the opportunity back in the day to transfer cloud saves from XBox to PS. I did cloud transfer to XB1. I am well on my way to a 72 zerker, currently 47 finishing TVHM then on to UVHM on PS4.

I have a couple things for trade if ya want em:

  • Bee Shields from lvl 28-42
  • Infinity Pistol lvl 8 ( not great at that level but to have inf. ammo just after getting your ability is cool if making new chars. )
  • Casual Swordsplosion shotgun lvl 30

Any 50-72 gear would be greatly appreciated! Especially gear for zerkers. ( DPUH, Conf. Call, Interfacer, Norfleet, Hawkeye, Leg. Zerk / Horder Mod, etc. )

Send message to Morph303 on PS4, i’m on most nights.