Anyone want to farm the raid boss with me? Borderlands: TPS need co-op players

I’ve been farming the secret boss, and so far, I have a 1 and 3 chance of getting a legendary. Anyone want to join?

What secret boss do you mean? Terramorphous?

Ahh, nvm then. Only played the main campaign on that on normal.

Sorry, i meant to put the pre sequel

its only level 30

My character is only 24…

I can help you level up in your game, if you want

I can jump in and help kill it, level 70 Wilhelm,

Xbox one
GT Hallowedmedal45

I’m down! I’m level 31 on TPS. GT: Feve10

ok, you’re my level

are you on netfilx right now?

feve, you want to farm the raid boss?

im down if youre still on

DigestedLemming im level 36 at moment but im down

I would be willing to join although I’m a level 58 gunzerker.
Gt: SmugSoviet

Oh wait sry I didn’t see it was Tps

The OP also has not been active for over a year.
That certainly wouldn’t be much help either.

Youll have better luck in a more recent thread :slight_smile: