Anyone want to get from 72-OP8? Also need pimpernels

So I’very just got my sniper zero to lv 71, will be at 72 pretty soon and I’m looking to get up to OP8. It would be cool if I had some people to do this with.

I’m on GMT and have a mic I can use if needed.

PSN is davthom

I look forward to shooting stuff with you.

Also if anyone has pimpernels in all elements ranging from 72-OP8 they don’t mind parting with then that would be nice :slight_smile:

Not sure if we’d be on the same times but I have an Axton at OP2 I’d love to run with someone through more OP levels. My PSN is SteveSq Sorry though, no Pimpermels. I do have a couple Lyudas in the 70’s/OP range if you like those though.

Just got my zerker to OP1 and looking for people to get to OP8 with as well. PSN: OHaiJon

I have pimps in 72 and op8. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

Can u guys help me pwr lvl my character on the handsome jack collection my psn : Black_Hamer91