Anyone want to help me out with the dlc missions I'm lvl 25

I’ve got decent weapons and play as gaige


Willing to help anyone. I have all characters on op8

Ok cool thanks (: I haven’t got a mic yet if you don’t mind, I’ll be online at 10 uk time my psn is Anorexictaxiderm

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I’m on everyday around 7pm EST. Add me up

Ok cheers I’ll do it soon

I can give you gaige gear have lots of it have 2 gaige’s with diffrent build. I built a LBT gaige + BFF and OC + BFF gaige their gear and weapons differ. I can give you lvl 50 gear for both builds. The best build I recommend is this more survivable if right gear than anarchy build Gear of this is Legendary Catalyst CM, the weapon you might drop all the time Crit, shock gentelmen’s pimpernel, corrosive element kitten, fire element kitten, antagonist shield will boost interpresed outburst skill and as ev1 knows slag has increased damage in UVHM. Heart of ancients relic for kitten Assult rifle damage one, bone of ancients relic shock for pimpernel and crit.

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yeah thanks that will be great (: I’m level 37 and ditched using anarchy I went for elements and my rate of fire now on my uvh playthrough what’s your psn

what time do you play?

Usually 10 at night uk time for a few hours I’m I night owl lol