Anyone want to help with Shadow Trap on Normal? Pre-Sequel SPOILERS

I fought shadow trap and after dying a few times and going through more money than I would have liked, I decided that I would try and request some help. Ive defeated the first form (but fast-traveled out, so Im not sure if I would have to defeat him again before I could get to the next form) but would appreciate some help on the second form (and third form if there is one). Im a level 35 (I think) Wilhelm on NORMAL mode.

On a side note, if you would like to do the Holodome Badass round, let me know as well. Trying to do it without going into Fight For Your Life

I am level 52 Wilhelm. Can help if you like?

Yeah that’d be awesome. Are you available to do it some time today? My gamer tag is Colossus816

Playing Fallout atm but I will be fine to help in like 2-3 hours time.