Anyone want to join me?

I am going to farm URanusBOT with my 75 Maya until I hit 80 tonight when I get home around 5pm PST. Only got a 73 Pimp for it but it is still killing the big guy fast enough.

If anyone would like to join for free xp and some sub lvl 80 drops (I don’t need many) you are welcome to send me a msg on steam and we can hook up.

I also have a few 50-72 toons that I am happy to play UVHM with whoever might be interested =).

I mainly play in the evenings PST but wed/thur I have all day generally for lots of murderizing people in game.

I am not an elite player but I have beat everything in the game except raid bosses and would love to play some coop.

STEAM name: QuikZombieSomething

Plz respond here or PM me if you are interested =)

And I know there are other posts for people asking for people to join them, but I have no idea if they are still looking for people or not so anyone is welcome regardless if you are new or a vet or of your skill level.

I am happy to help out in any way I can while we are coop.

Plz have a mic, it really takes away from the game otherwise for me.

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