Anyone want to just play?

Got back in this and am starting off first in normal mode with a level 72 character. if anyone wants to join add me: ThePandasWithin. just looking to play through and get to further missions with an overpowered char. (extra chill and layed back. mic recommended)

hey man I’ve been trying to meet new people to play with regularly and just have a chill time. Been rough trying to find people to play with. I’ve probably posted more than 15 topics on these forums haha. my psn is infested808 I’m on the east coast but I’m on at all different times and usually not a problem at all. just add and message me anytime dude. peace.

I’ll join in with you. I get back into town tomorrow afternoon. My psn is icerunner45.

The funny thing is, to me anyway, is that I helped all 3 of you at some point. I just recently started helping pandas, I want to say infested was the first one, and then icerunner. If you guys are looking to just travel around and play, I’m always down to get away from powerleveling all the time

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I’m on their friends list too and sent a FR to you. I’m up for anything bl2. On most nights 10:30 est.

what’s up dudes, you both are like my mentors haha you guys helped me out a ton!

How about a one day a week boss run? Who’s interested?

Definitely up for that, message me anytime .