Anyone want to play? drop your gamertag here

Looking for anyone who would like play some BPS drop your gamer tag in a reply if your looking for people as well. KSI Vigilander <-- thats my tag.


what console

360 bro

mS Xero (Putting it out there i’m on West Coast time)

PixelPariah11 …just starting co-op…really need help on tvhm infinite sentinel, been playing solo only until tonight, feel free to add me!! - on 360

CategoricPeak50. I very rarely get to play, so I am still trying to get 100% quest completion on my first play through. Currently level 25 Gladiator.

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GT: BonafideTen7

GT: enablingrhyme44

This is in the [360] Online Play and Trading Post forum. The [360] means xBox 360.

Bleef Slurp

DomesticNut3 co op plz

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