Anyone want to play from lvl 1 -> OP8?

Looking for a partner to go from Level 1 all the way to OP8.
I don’t have a real preference in class selection.
I love this game- and hoping my partner is the same
I usually like to blitz the story for Normal+TVHM
then start UVHM playthrough when I’m max level, but we don’t necessarily have to
Just looking to have fun playing the game with a friend
but also with someone that’s dedicated and would like to go all the way and not stop mid-way
I’m US EST and am very active with the game

Must have mic!
Would love to get to know and chill with my partner while we play.
preferably 21+ in age
Please send me a message here with PSN if interested :smiley:

Partner found :smiley:

hey man room for one more? I meet all you’re criteria! I’m from from the UK though but I’m a night owl and tend to stay up all night!

I’ve sent you a message liamaj

Can you help me power level to 72 or OP8? Im level 61 currently and my psn is BabyMonkey1457 and i would love some help :smiley: