Anyone want to play MP or co-op Skirmish with me?

So, I looked up how to set up a little LAN thing for us to play each other. Here is what I found:

If we can setup a VPN, then we should be able to shoot each other. And have me record all your deaths. Should be fun. So, who wants to fight WW2 together?

Hmm, sounds good, but there will be probably some lag during MP play and higher “ping” value than usual (according to the article), but this need to be checked for sure. You could try to set up a EiB “LAN” MP server yourself (You already have some MP experience in EiB instead of me…), then send us the network ID and password, so we could connect to Your existing “LAN” network. First of all we need to install “LogMeIn’s Hamachi”.
I personally have no preferences of which of the MP maps play first, so maybe You will choose.
Is there a time difference between You and me (i live in Poland)?

I am in Eastern Standard Time.

NETWORK MADE (LogMeIn Hamachi). It can only have 5 members, but that should be fine.

Network ID: Brothers in Arms MP
Password: BakersDozen

I am on Steam and Skype if anyone wants to add me there (Queen Drac Wraith for both). This would help with arranging matches.

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I don’t want to discourage you guys, but I just want you to be aware that a lot of my mods are not going to work over the network. I think CommandMod is probably the biggest one; I’m not sure which others will have problems.

We might be able to work out some of the problems , but some may take longer than others and may not be worth it .

Also, You guys will have to make sure that you all have the same installation . So all of the textures, mods, and anything else you installed will have to match. If one has the original DVD installation and another has the steam version, then they won’t be compatible.

Like I said, I don’t want to discourage you but just be prepared for some obstacles :slight_smile:

Hopefully we get something to work. Thanks for the thing about steam and dvd (I have dvd) notice though. Ugh, I feel like I’ll end up buying the Steam version.

@Rendroc, @QueenDracWraith, I have a DVD version of Earned in Blood installed, as well as Jmoney’s sound mod, MRW and Rendroc’s WarZone. The game is patched. Perhaps we are using different mutators, but we could make a common list which to enable and which not during our MP matches. I installed the LogMein Hamachi today.

@QueenDracWraith, when i typed the Network ID and Password provided by You i found this network: JOSHUA-PC, but unfortunately not online at the moment (image below):

@QueenDracWraith, do i set everything correctly in LogMeIn Hamachi or not?

Thank You in advance for the answer. :wink:

You found the right thing. Let’s test later.

@pjakub88, I’m downloading the definitive version of Marcomix’s textures for EiB. Want to test MP out? No mutators, we would just play the game the way it was originally made.

I already have installed Jmoney’s sound mod for weapons in EiB. Maybe it would be compatible between us?
I don’t want to remove it from EiB.

I also have the latest MRW for EiB. I will not use any of the Rendroc’s Warzone mutators to ensure compatibility during MP match.

I checked the list of LAN servers in game menu - there is nothing to choose from to join. I don’t understand…

I have jmoney’s sounds installed as well. I have just started a match, see if you can join.

No servers on the list. Maybe i did something wrong? You hosted a MP match or Skirmish?


Perhaps i set something wrong in Hamachi. Do i need to set the VPN alias also?

I have a DVD version of the EiB installed; patched 1.03 version.

Hmm, I have the same. I don’t know what’s going on then. How about you create a match, no mutators and I try and join?

Wait, could it be maybe I have the US version and you have some other version that isn’t compatible? @Rendroc, does this sound like what may be happening?

Maybe a kind of Firewall blocking issue, i really don’t know.

I have a US game version installed.

We were blocked, try now. I’m hosting.

Still nothing on the list of servers to join in EiB/ Multiplayer/Lan Play.

How long should i wait to be able to see the refreshed server list?

I disabled all Multiplayer mutators in the CustomMutators.ini. I launched the game from the default desktop shortcut.

I think there may be other issues. Let’s test it out later, I feel like doing Baupte again.

OK i give up. I will disconnect myself from Hamachi in this moment. I don’t know much about playing, connecting or hosting MP servers in EiB. I never played with or against humans in EiB MP. Maybe we could try to play together on the other day at around 23:00. See You later.

I tried tunngle a few times and that seemed to work… Is hamachi supposed to be better?

If the game versions are different I think that they just won’t show up in the server list. There are two different DVD versions. You can compare the file sizes of some of the System files to verify they are the same.