Anyone want to play Pre-sequel?

I went to matchmaking and there are only 2 sessions online, anyone wanna help me defeat zarpedon?

DownrangeYew0 is my gamertag, add me and we can play. Prefer people my age please (20) I’m not trynna deal with children.

Im a level 20 Gladiator.


Gamertag ThunderClapGo

Ok. I won’t be on till later. GT: pajama dad

I am definitely not a child… though from my perspective a 20 year old isn’t much different than the kids I teach.

I’m down to help you through it. I’m not sure what level I am though. I just made it to uvhm but got bored because I had nobody to play with. I wont be on until 10 or so California time however. Feel free to add me though. GT: xxd0nt tr1pxx
(excuse the gamertag I made when I was 13, I swear I’m 22 now haha)

lol sorry but at least i’m not 12?

ill add the both of you

I have a 12 year old, They’re not too bad.

Add me. GT: A Derpy Killer

Hey whats up. My gt is NoShineSinCity.