Anyone want to power level me <3

Just got this game on PS4 and really don’t feel like leveling up again, I don’t want money or items just quick exp <3

PSN = ethernetwow

Definitely advise playing at least normal mode before jumping up levels. Specially if you haven’t played it before, that way you’ll get a feel for the game and how to play it.

Just simple advice, no offence intended, it’s an awesome game enjoy it :blush:

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And im pretty sure there are plenty of people on here will help younout anytime you get stuck with missions bosses etc etc

Oh i get exactly what you mean don’t worry! But this isn’t the first playthrough, i did have borderlands 2 with the dlc on xbox 360 a while back. But thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

My mistake i just assumed you had just bought the game and not played it before

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I can jump on tomorrow and help you rank up using Petes bar? PSN: Mini_Holmesy