Anyone want to run the raid on M1?

I’ve been doing the raid solo and in groups on TVMH M4 and I’m seeing absolutely low or zero raid drops. I want to try some M1 runs as an experiment and see what happens.

Or if anyone just needs to be carried and wants to experience the raid without worrying about not being able to clear it I’ll be doing M1 runs.

Add me, PSN: LloydMeshuggah

I have been getting better dedicated drops on M1-M2 after failures(of dedicated drops) on M4.

PSN JayBowdy if you want to rumble, I wont be home for another 4 hrs

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Yeah that’s exactly what I’m trying this out. I’ll add you, thanks for the reply.

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Everyone in general discussion thinks I am nuts lol,… I firmly believe world drops dilute the dedicated drops. I haven’t gone back to M4 since third day of event.

I’ve read it’s because even if you bump the difficulty down the dedicated drop rate doesn’t go up, it just means the world drop goes down, which gives the “illusion” of dedicated drops increasing …

… but I don’t know, as far as I know gearbox has never given out actual numbers on dedicated drop rates vs world drops on bosses and named enemies. I’ve just seen streamers / YouTubers throw out numbers from what I assume is from their own calculations or maybe even a gearbox source. But zero factual evidence AFAIK.

So basically I’m gonna see for myself what works, after all people are screaming all over the place the game “rains” loot and it’s soooooo easy and blah blah and my experience has been the opposite of that on any difficulty level. So I’ll take what others say with a grain of salt.

They tell me the same. Just my experience seems to contradict what they say. I think some of them don’t even want to be caught running M1/M2 or something.

Ill accept f/r when I get home tonight. What char/build do you run if you dont mind?

Yeah, people get really upset when you talk about drop rates and personal experiences with them.

And I’m running a chain Zane build I guess is what it is, I just slapped a banjo and redistributor on my Zane build and it melts on M4 and I heard someone say “chain Zane” so I’ll call it that lol.

But I have everyone all geared and levelled up so whoever you play as it’s cool.

Got a Zane and Fl4k.

Lmao I never heard that until someone posted it Zane forums ‘Chain Zane’, supposedly some youtuber makes a build claims it as “their copyright” when people have been doing it prior anyway,…

For TD I run either a cutsman/maggie ice breaker or cutpurse scourage. I think I will have to go scourage to keep up with you :slight_smile: , I use ice breaker for the shield to help protect other classes.

I’ve been getting great drops on the raid on m4.
That luck perk in the guardian rank might be doing some work

I’d like to see that in action, and I’m no pro so don’t worry.

I’m mostly using a Maggie and redistributor, and a cutsman and ion cannon for Valkyries and Wotan.

Damn, well good for you.

I’ve been getting 100% world drops, and only see a raid drop 1 out of like 10 runs and it’s usually non anointed.

Ohk. That’s unfortunate. The only one I cant get is the kybs to drop on the valkyrie haha.
Knocking off all wotans legs is helping a lot

The valkyries drop kybs? I’ve never seen it drop from them in all my runs I had no idea.

And yeah I just found out about the legs yesterday, but I hear they only drop world drops?

I’ve been told them and wotan can drop it.
I’ve got the raid shield from a leg earlier today


I just ran it on M1 and got a (poorly) anointed Tiggs, I usually dont get anything but that was only 1 run I’ll need to do much more

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valk drops showshoe, red card, re-charge berner, o.m shields next to nothing else.

wotan drops juliets dazzle, good juju, deathgrip, tankman shield sniper, execute +,eruption, em-p5 (M4 only), showshoe, red card, kyb’s, moonfire, tiggs boom, redistributor, o.m

and only 1 per kill. if ur really lucky u might get 1 extra from main body with legs.

thats it. rest world drops.

Wow I had no idea.

I thought the recharge berner was a world drop, I got that to drop like 3 times oh well :sweat_smile:

1 per kill in if your lucky you get 1 per kill, few runs in a row you get none.

Just ran it again on M4 and got a poorly rolled shock redistributor. Just gave it to the other Zane, he was doing pretty bad and could use it :pleading_face:

I always give stuff to people if I already have it or have it rolled better, and I noticed a lot of other people do it too.

For every elitist gatekeeper in the community, there’s a generous player out there!

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