Anyone want to start a fresh game?(PS4)

I’m looking to find a few people to start a new run, possibly all the way through UVHM, as soon as possible. I haven’t played ina while, but I’m really hoping to play with a group rather than solo. If I try to join a game, I usually find someone and then they leave in like 20 minutes and I have to find someone else. I’d really prefer just starting with a group and going through the entire game over the course of a few days. Add me on PSN if you’re interested, mattymo35

Got ya moved to the PS4 co op category.

Happy looting!

Yo im interested, havent played in a while. If you want to start a new playthrough with me my psn is CojoSolo. Message me whenever

Hey, I don’t mind joining and doing everything, if the offer is still up then I’m in, add me “Whoobster”

Awesome! I added you. We started a little bit last night, but you should be power-leveled to our level pretty quickly. We’re only like level 10. I’ll be on this afternoon sometime hoping to continue.

If the offer is still there add me on psn. Trial_by_Combat

I added you.

My psn is Orangebed326 if something doesn’t work out with the others

Im starting too! psn is Daniel_Gonzo

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