Anyone want to start a fresh?

I’m on xbox one (technically 360 I guess with this game), I have none of my old saves because they were on my old gamertag, i’d definitely be up for starting a new playthrough. Anyone want to join me? I’m not particularly bothered about the achievements this time around but if that’s what motivates you, we can work on them as we go.

Pretty sure i’ll only want to be Mordecai or Lilith, i’m in the UK, can buy a headset this weekend if I need one :slight_smile:

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Got ya moved to the online play category.

Happy looting :bldualist:

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Oh, sorry about that, not used to posting in this section! Thanks!

It’s no problem really. :smile_cat:

Completely the wrong time zone BUT: next Friday (ie a week tomorrow) I have some time off. I have one low and one mid-level character, and wouldn’t mind helping you along for a bit. Are you on British Summer Time yet?

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I wouldn’t mind jumping in on this. I have a level 3 Roland I wanted to start progressing. Weekends I am up early morning so the time difference could be accommodated. I see @Vinterbris online when I jump on early on the weekends.

I can probably get in a few hours on Saturday morning too. I’m -0500 hours to the UK, so my 9 am would be 2 pm for @Vinterbris

I think your 9am is my 6am? I’m Pacific Time zone.

Yup, 3 hours further back. No wonder I’m always falling asleep by the time you get on-line! I don’t mind blocking off some mid-day hours though, which would be starting your morning and @Vinterbris early evening. Gotta get that latency happening!

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I’m not comfortable if the game isn’t lagging :smiley:

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Tell me about it. lol

I was farming the Armory with @Laggy last night and the lag was so bad, he couldn’t jump on the hovering platform to get the Lance Chests in the little locker’ish rooms. I had to elevator down to laggy cause the lag kept him from landing on the platform. lol it was kinda funny.

We’ll just have to try it and see what happens. I’ve played with a couple of guys in Australia before, as well as some Brits and Germans, so it should be possible. Set a time, and I’ll book my XB1 spot for Friday or Saturday next. (Can’t do this weekend as I will be very otherwise occupied by Real Life activities. Not bad ones, but not game time either.)

This contradicts itself :wink:

Not entirely, but I know what you mean. I actually have a pretty full seven days starting this evening. There will be food and drink and work. And then I shall take some time off.

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That wasnt too fun for me, since my head almost blew up

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lol. look what Motorhead just gave me. well, actually i took it after i killed him. :innocent:


So when is this happening? Did we actually agree when? I don’t recall.

I’ve got something that came up for my Friday afternoon, but I’m good for Saturday,. Just say when and what level!

Well i’ll be starting from scratch so ideally we all would, if you’re ok with that.

Oh, OK. I can do that! Are we going for unique team comp, or is any character good?